Bathroom Manufacturers and Vendors Association

General Information

Bathroom Manufacturers and Vendors Association was established in year 2019.


Development of the Russian bathroom market on the basis of fair competition principles and supplying consumers with goods corresponding to the requirements of global quality standards.


  • Consolidation of majority of bathroom manufacturers and vendors on the Russian market.
  • Building up dialog with national Governmental Authorities to develop measures leading the Russian bathroom market to the state of fair competition.


Consolidation of majority of bathroom manufacturers and vendors

  • Establishment of BMVA’s Management Board representing key companies on the market
  • Setting up BMVA’s special purpose committees in terms of business areas
  • Development of platforms for industry-specific dialog
  • Development of the Code of Practice
  • Confirming status of BMVA’s members as reliable and bona fide partners and vendors.

Improvement of customs regulations

  • Running register of companies with proven compliance to legal import procedures
  • Introducing zero tolerance practice to companies violating/dodging legal import procedures

Development of standardization and verification

Providing the Russian market with necessary set of relevant standards:

  • Revision of GOST 19681-2016 “Sanitary technical water mixing and distributing accessories. General specifications”
  • Development of new standards for faucets: test methods; conformity assessment; rules of certification
  • Adding faucets into the list of goods subjected to obligatory national certification
  • Ensuring sufficient number of certification centers and laboratories for proper functioning of obligatory certification process
  • Launching informational campaign preparing the market for obligatory certification of faucets
  • Publications in Mass Media
  • Seminars, conferences and other events

Development of reliable data provision practice

  • Promotion of authentic data provision practice as a part of fair competition principles on the market
  • Introducing zero tolerance practice to companies providing customers with misleading information on bathroom goods
  • Market monitoring with focus on provision of authentic data to customers
  • Cooperation with the Federal Antimonopoly Service and other State agencies within the framework of legislation violation investigations.